LN6D Delkor AGM 12V 950CCA 105Ah Automotive Battery

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  • Trusted Manufacturer - Johnson Controls
  • Superior AGM Longevity & Toughness
  • 3 Year Private Use Warranty
Product Warranty: Years
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This Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery from Delkor is the perfect battery option for modern start/stop car owners.
It serves as both a mid-level replacement option for use in Idle-Stop-Start (ISS) vehicles and an upgrade for regular vehicles, with increased toughness and longevity. Most high-end European cars are now originally fitted with AGM batteries. even if they are not start/stop enabled.
It is also a particularly great choice for the cranking battery in your 4WD, with big power and a super fast recharge time when using a winch or compressor. However, you must always keep in mind that AGM batteries require cooler temperatures than flooded alternatives, so they either need to be kept away from hot components or sufficiently insulated.

AGM Cranking Batteries
These batteries have been developed specifically to meet the demands of Stop/Start vehicles. They are able to survive and operate in a lower state of charge than regular lead acid batteries, and are also safe to install inside the cabin of a vehicle to run accessories, as they don’t release harmful gases.
They also often make use of graphene on the negative plate to enhance the cranking performance and guard against plate sulphation/growth. They support a higher number of engine starts than conventional batteries and survive better when left unused for extended periods of time.*
* ALL batteries, including EFB and AGM, don’t like being left in a partial state of charge. If you are going on holiday, or putting your vehicles in storage, we strongly recommend giving your battery a good charge beforehand and, if possible, attach a trickle charger!

Technical Specifications

  • Replaces : LN6, DIN100LH
  • Voltage : 12V
  • Capacity : 105Ah
  • Cold Cranking Amps : 950CCA
  • Reserve Capacity (RC) : 190 minutes
  • Dimensions : 394mm x 174mm x 189mm
  • Weight : 30 kg
  • Private Use Warranty: 3 Years
  • Commercial Use / Taxi warranty: 12 / 6 Months

We can provide car battery fitting and we offer home delivery, or you can choose Store Pickup when you enter your address details.  If you wish to collect from a Store in a different State then please contact us or add a note to your order form.
Please include your phone number on the order form (the Courier needs this). The Courier will normally leave the battery if there is nobody home. Please nominate a safe place to leave your battery, or suggest an alternative such as a neighbour.

Additional information

Weight29.4 kg
Dimensions39.4 × 17.4 × 18.9 cm








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