Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied, so we provide our No Quibble 30 day money back guarantee. All we ask is that the product is returned in original condition such that we can sell it to another customer who wants to buy it.

Just let us know by email whether you would prefer a replacement or a refund, and then send the item back to us in original condition within 30 days of ordering it. Please include your order number and contact details.

We find that in general this Guarantee is used mainly by customers who discover their phone/camera/laptop or whatever is faulty and the battery does not fix the issue. That’s fine with us, no sense having a spare battery for a broken unit.

General Warranty (Private use).

The manufacturers warranty is available on all products and consumers in Australia may have legal rights which are in addition to these warranties. If your battery fails due to a manufacturing defect within the guarantee period we will replace it free of charge.

Please keep the confirmation email with your order number and contact us by email should you need to make a claim. We may need to inspect the battery to confirm eligibility.

If our testing determines the battery is defective we will replace it, however the costs of delivering it to the warranty location and collecting it and any replacement are yours. The claim must be made within the warranty period listed on top of the battery. Dated proof of purchase is required. The warranty period for replacement starts on the date of purchase of the defective battery it replaces.
This warranty does not cover defects due to normal wear, abuse, damage, neglect, over or under charging or incorrect application, installation or maintenance. Warranties do not cover abuse – e.g. exposing the battery to extremes of heat, immersion in liquid (e.g. dropping the phone in the toilet!) or breaking open the battery.

Note if the battery is rechargeable then it must not have been over-charged (or over-discharged). This applies especially to car batteries, which may be permanently damaged if over-discharged.

The brand new and original battery supplied in some new smart-phones are now wearing out after 6 months or so (i.e. losing their capacity due to heavy and repeated cycling). These original batteries are only covered for a 6 month period and hence replacement batteries may also last less than 1 year due to the extreme demands of these devices on their batteries. This issue is not caused by a manufacturing defect, but rather an extreme application for the battery. We reserve the right to restrict the number of replacement batteries provided under the warranty period to one per purchase for these devices.

General Warranty (Commercial use).

Use in Commercial applications is generally excluded from the preceding paragraphs. (e.g. TAXI starting batteries = 6 Months Warranty as per manufacturers warranty).

The Manufacturers Warranty (Commercial Use) and any statutory obligations will still apply however.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions: [email protected] or 1300 123 228.