Same or Next Working Day Delivery for most Car Batteries in Metro Sydney & Melbourne!

Excludes Public Holidays and some orders received on the weekend.

If you are outside the Metro area, just call you nearest Store or 1300 123 228. Most small items ship fast and free, Australia Wide!

Car Battery Fitting

We offer a car battery fitting service at our Stores and to customers close to our Stores. Our “Standard fitting” service includes a test of your vehicle charging system, plus removal of the old battery for recycling. A Standard fitting is where we can get to the battery fairly easily and replace it without having to remove too many trim items or other obstacles. The majority of cars on the road fall into the “standard Fitting” category, just contact us if you need any advice. We also do more complex fittings every day for premium makes such as Audi, BMW, VW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Landrover and we can fit the original battery for these vehicles at big savings over dealer prices.

On-Board Computer Resets

We expertly fit hundreds of car batteries every month, and the vast majority are quick and straightforward. On newer models we can use our Electronic On-Board-Computer (OBC) interface. This plugs into your vehicles OBD (On Board Diagnostic) connector and then updates the computer with the details about the new battery if needed. If fitting your battery we will also try and keep power connected (using a small auxiliary battery) while we swap out your old battery for the new one. This is to avoid loss of power to the Radio (which may have a key-code), plus the alarm system etc. If your old battery was faulty, flat or had previously been disconnected then loss of power may already have taken place, in which case radio key-codes can often be obtained from the owners manual or your local dealer.

FREE Battery Recycling

We have approved recycling storage facilities at all Stores and can recycle your car battery free of charge. If you are fitting the battery yourself feel free to drop the old battery off to our Store afterwards and we can also check your alternator and re-set your OBC if required.