Online and In-Store Service Overview

Our Store Service

We stock a huge range of batteries. Drop into or call your nearest Store for:

Battery Advice & Help – Choosing the right batteries will save you time and money.

Battery Fault finding – eg. is it the battery or the charger that’s not working?

Battery Testing – Testing Battery Capacity, Voltage, Condition etc.

Battery Power Calculations + sizing for Deep Cycle & Solar power etc.

Battery Charging – normally Free with a test & condition report if required.

Battery Fitting – cars, 4×4 batteries, and Deep Cycle.

Battery Repacking – including power tools and full custom battery packs.

Battery Reconditioning – e.g. old Ni-cad Power-Tool batteries if still serviceable.

Battery Recycling – for most types of battery we offer free recycling

Battery Search Service – a huge choice of batteries for old and obscure models.