Home Battery Solutions

Every Battery has partnered with 360Storage to offer Australia's most technologically advanced home energy storage solution.


The 360 Storage system uses long life, high capacity Lithium batteries (LiFePO4) combined with high efficiency solar panels to offer you energy independence.

Designed for Australian residential households, these cutting edge systems generate power during the day, running your household appliances. Excess energy is used to charge the batteries, which run the household in the evenings or during blackouts. They are fully expandable and future proof!

These systems are custom designed by our solar engineer to match your energy needs. We do this by performing an energy audit & site assessment of your home, followed by a design stage and then a presentation and quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Electricity prices have risen 5%, on average, every year for the last 20 years and 7.5% in the last 10 years. The trend is likely to continue especially with the anticipated widespread introduction of Time Of Use (TOU) metering which we will see pay even more during peak usage periods. Based on this projection, home battery storage offer an attractive 10-15% return on investment, depending on the size and design of the system installed .


Yes! The system is designed to keep critical loads running in the event of network failure. This typically includes lights, fridge and other general low wattage appliances.  It typically excludes high energy users such as electric ovens.


You will still have an account with your chosen electricity provider. You will be charged for what little grid power you use, credited for power exported and be charged a service fee.  If the system is appropriately sized to match your energy usage, these charges should be either minimal or you may even receive credit.


360Storage is the Australian market leader in battery storage, and currently offers a properly "road tested" product with installations throughout Australia. It utilises Li-ion battery technology just like Tesla, but with electronics specifically design for Australian households and the Australia electricity grid. While Tesla has received a lot of exposure recently, they are not currently available.


Although we supply BAE Solar, Trojan and other specialised deep cycle battery banks, we have been waiting for a good Lithium battery storage system to become available for customers who wish to remain connected to the Grid. With around 1,000 successful installations in the Australian market to date, we have chosen the leader in LFP Lithium battery storage, with safe and expandable battery banks which have electronics specifically designed for Australian households and the Australia electricity grid.


Lithium Batteries have reduced in price substantially recently, which has now made Lithium home storage systems become attractive. While battery prices might fall in years to come, it is likely the price will now plateau or may even rise depending on future US Dollar exchange rates. If you currently do not have Solar on your house, or if you do and you are due to lose your high Feed-in-Tariff, then installing one of these systems now is well worth investigating.