Trojan Deep Cycle Flooded Batteries

Trojan batteries are famous as a super reliable, industrial battery for deep cycle, traction and starting applications.

Built to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability, these batteries utilize the highest quality components and meet the challenges of the toughest conditions.

  • Reliant™ AGM with C-Max Technology™ is engineered with an advanced feature set that provides outstanding sustained performance and total energy output, delivering the exceptional quality and reliability Trojan batteries are known for.
  • Deep-cycle flooded, AGM and gel batteries feature handles for easy lifting in tight spaces and dual terminals for easy hookup of all your electronic gear.
  • Large vent caps on deep-cycle models reduce the potential for acid leakage.


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Trojan T-105 Set of 2

Trojan T-105 Set of 4

Trojan T-105 Set of 6

Centruy GC2 / T105

Trojan T-105

Trojan T-105RE - 225Ah Deep Cycle Battery

Set of 2 Trojan T-105RE - 225Ah Deep Cycle Battery

Trojan T-875 Set of 6

Trojan T-875

Trojan T-1275 Set of 4

Trojan T-1275

Trojan T-125

Trojan 27TMH

Trojan 27TMX

Trojan SCS225

Trojan SCS150

Trojan T-145

Trojan J185P

Trojan J185H

Trojan J250P

Trojan J305P

Trojan J305H

Trojan L16H

Trojan 5SHP-Gel

Trojan 24-Gel

Trojan 31-Gel

Trojan TE35-Gel