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Delkor AGM (DIN85LH) 12V 900cca Battery
  • Made by Johnson Control.
  • Trusted Brand.
  • Idle Start-Stop compatible.

The Powerframe Grid makes this a perfect alternative for the Varta G14. Made by Clarios, the owner of Varta and the World's largest Car Battery Make

Neuton Power Car Battery K60044
  • Made in Korea.
  • Good Budget Brand.
  • Not for cars fitted with Idle Start-Stop.
  • Perfect for older models.
Century Automotive Battery DIN85LMF
  • Australian Made.
  • Ideal for Ford, Holden, Kia, etc.
  • Not for cars fitted with Idle Start-Stop.
Varta AGM Car Battery G14 (595 901 085)

  • Made in Germany.  The No. 1 Factory Fit in Europe.
  • Perfect for Idle Start-Stop models.
  • Ideal for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, VW, etc.