Gel-Tech Deep Cycle Batteries

Made in the USA, the Gel-Tech are one of the best Gel type batteries available. They feature exclusive tank-formed plates, calcium copper lead alloys, a polypropylene case, pressure safety release valves, PC controlled gel mixing, and multi stage vacuum filling.

Gel-Tech Batteries can’t spill, even if the battery is tipped upside down or cracked open. The gelled electrolyte helps inhibit wear and tear caused by severe vibrations, and protects the plates in repetitive discharge/recharge situations. They offer excellent charge efficiency and are not current limited on recharge so long as the voltage is regulated.

Gel-Tech batteries are also particularly suited to marine or house power applications where safety issues with submersion; venting and external gasses are applicable.


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Gel-Tech 8G24M

Gel-Tech 8G27M

Gel-Tech 8G31DT

Gel-Tech 8GGC2