Prius auxiliary batteries are not covered by our standard fitting fee. We recommend the D51 Prius battery, which is a high performance Dry fit AGM battery.
Note the batteries offered for the Prius models are standard lead acid (apart from the D51 Prius battery, and although they are maintenance free and hence semi-sealed, they may emit some gasses while being charged, which is similar to the battery fitted in some prius models. You may prefer to choose the Optima if it will fit.
To check the polarity: View the battery from the front, with both terminals closest to you and then check which side is positive (+) or red cable and which side is negative (-) or black/earth cable.
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N-S55B24RHV : Panasonic 12V Car Battery
  • Made in Japan.  The no. 1 Factory Original Fit.
  • Perfect for Hybrid Vehicles.
  • Plug in Temperature Sensor.
Optima D51 T1 Prius Yellow Top Battery