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NB1-63-3P40A : Chint AC Breaker 3 Pole 40A

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protection of circuits against short-circuit currents,protection of circuits against overload currents,switch,isolation.

NB1 circuit-breakers are used in domestic installation, as well as in commercial and industry electrical distribution systems.

Technical data of the network at the point considered:short-circuit current at the circuit-breaker installation point, which must always be less than the breaking capacity of this device,network normal voltage.
Tripping curves:

B curve (3-5In)

protection for people and big length cables in TN and IT systems.
C curve (5-10In)

protection for resistive and inductive loads with low inrushcurrent.
D curve(10-14In)

protection for circuits which supply loads with high inrush current at the circuit closing

(LV/LV transformers, breakdown lamps).


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