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MX20-3 Predator 12V Battery

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Predator X Series MX20-3 Motorcycle Battery


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Predator X Series MX20-3 Motorcycle Battery

The Predator X-series is built for performance; with superior starting power, high reserve capacity and long lasting life
AGM technology with high compression separator
100% leak-proof and spill proof to 360°C
Excellent starting power; starting the engine even at a low state of charge
Ideal for jet-skis and American motorcycles
High charging acceptance for absorbing large surges of electrical energy generated via brake energy recuperation
Replaces: MX20-3, GYZ20L, MBTX20U, ETX20L, GYX20HL, YTX20HL-BS

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Dimensions20.5 × 9 × 16.2 cm





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