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MFM27XHD Predator 850cca 100Ah EFB Marine Battery

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The Predator MFM27-XHD is a premium quality marine battery combining ultra-high cranking power and durable cyclic ability to cover a broad range of marine applications. Utilising the latest EFB plate technology, the MFM27-XHD delivers an impressive 850CCA (1000 MCA) and 100Ah from its group 27 (N70ZZ) sealed MF casing. The no-compromise design features Silver-Calcium plates with high tin content, patented inter-cell sealing rings and anti-sulphation additive for exceptional charge retention and rechargeability, making the MFM27-XHD ideal for seasonal use in RV and marine applications.

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Weight24.8 kg
Dimensions30.3 × 17.1 × 22.5 cm





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