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BCM-9000MH-BP1 MI Battery Experts 9.6V 2000mAh NiMh Power Tool battery suit. for Makita

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Power tool / Cordless Drill battery.


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Power Tool / Cordless Drill Battery suitable for Makita

  • Application : Power Tool / Cordless Drill
  • Original Brand : Makita
  • Chemistry : Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Voltage : 9.6V
  • Nominal Capacity : 2Ah
  • Watt Hour : 19.0Wh
  • Width : 27mm
  • Height : 180mm
  • Length/Breadth/Depth : 47mm
  • Weight : 440g

For a charging solution see ACMTE and ATP1833
Suitable For:

Makita 4093D
Makita 4093DW
Makita 4190D
Makita 4190DB
Makita 4190DW
Makita 4190DWD
Makita 4300D
Makita 4300DW
Makita 4390D
Makita 4390DW
Makita 5090D
Makita 5090DW
Makita 6012HD
Makita 6012HDL
Makita 6012HDW
Makita 6092D
Makita 6092DW
Makita 6093D
Makita 6093DW
Makita 6094D
Makita 6094DW
Makita 6095D
Makita 6095DQ*
Makita 6095DW
Makita 6095DWBE
Makita 6095DWBLE
Makita 6095DWDE
Makita 6095DWE
Makita 6095DWL-2
Makita 6096D
Makita 6096DW
Makita 6096DWBE
Makita 6096DWE
Makita 6096DWLE
Makita 6891D
Makita 6891DW
Makita 6900
Makita 6900D
Makita 6900DW
Makita 8400
Makita 8400D
Makita 8400DW
Makita 8400VD
Makita 8400VDW
Makita 8402DW
Makita 8402VD
Makita 8402VDW
Makita 903D
Makita 903DW
Makita DA390
Makita DA390D
Makita DA390DW
Makita DA391D
Makita DA391DRA
Makita DA391DW
Makita DA391DWB
Makita DA391DWD
Makita ML900
Makita ML900(Flashlight)
Makita ML901
Makita ML902
Makita ML902(Flashlight)
Makita T220D
Makita T220DW
Makita UM1690D
Makita UM1691D

Compatible With:

Makita 191681-2
Makita 192533-0
Makita 192696-2
Makita 632007-4
Makita 9000
Makita 9001
Makita 9002
Makita 9033
Makita 9600
Master BCM8

Additional information

Weight0.44 kg
Dimensions4.7 × 2.7 × 18 cm

Master Instruments




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