IT4B EFB : MIDAC ITINERIS Start Stop 730 EN 12v EFB Battery

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Itineris EFB

Start&Stop Sealed Battery

Battery produced in line with the DIN standard, for vehicles equipped with a Start&Stop motor. The double flame arrestor and labyrinth lid guarantee excellent levels of safety. Performance is guaranteed for tens of thousands of micro cycles through use of advanced manufacturing technology.
MIDAC starter batteries are a benchmark in the automotive sector.
Manufactured with the latest technologies and according to extremely high quality standards, they guarantee long-term safety and reliability.
The current range stems from constant innovation geared towards ongoing product improvement and is able to satisfy the multiple demands of a market increasingly focused on quality and high performance.
MIDAC has always been highly attentive to environmental sustainability throughout production processes at all its sites.
Enhanced Flooded Batteries
These batteries have been developed specifically to meet the demands of Stop/Start vehicles. They are able to survive and operate in a lower state of charge than regular lead acid batteries, and are suited to Stop/Start vehicles that don’t require the deep cycling of an AGM battery.
They also often make use of graphene on the negative plate to enhance the cranking performance and guard against plate sulphation/growth. They support a higher number of engine starts than conventional batteries and survive better when left unused for extended periods of time.*
* ALL batteries, including EFB and AGM, don’t like being left in a partial state of charge. If you are going on holiday, or putting your vehicles in storage, we strongly recommend giving your battery a good charge beforehand and, if possible, attach a trickle charger!
Technical Specifications

  • Replaces : LBN4, DIN75L
  • Voltage : 12V
  • Capacity : 80Ah
  • Cold Cranking Amps : 730CCA
  • Dimensions : 310mm x 174mm x 174mm
  • Private Use Warranty: 2 Years

We can provide car battery fitting and we offer home delivery, or you can choose Store Pickup when you enter your address details.  If you wish to collect from a Store in a different State then please contact us or add a note to your order form.
Please include your phone number on the order form (the Courier needs this). The Courier will normally leave the battery if there is nobody home. Please nominate a safe place to leave your battery, or suggest an alternative such as a neighbour.

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