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IR61224 : Matson Infinite Charger 6/12/24v

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Matson Battery Charger 6/12/24.
Type: 7 Stage
Input: 240VAC 50Hz
Output Voltage: 6/12/24 Volt DC
Output current: 6/12 Volt, 2/10/20 Amp. 24 Volt, 2/5/10 Amp. selectable.
Minimum Start Volt: 1.5Volt
Desulphation: High Frequency Pulse Charge (DEPENDENT ON DIAGNOSIS)
Soft Start: Yes
Bulk Charge: 14.1V (Gel), 14.7V (SLA), 15.1V (Calcium)
Absorption: Constant voltage with automatic Amperage control
Equalization: Automatic
Analysis: Automatically detects faulty batteries. Error code signifies fault.
Recondition: Constant current automatically varied
Float: 13.7V
Battery range:
Deep Cycle: 10 - 240 Ah
Automotive: 150 - 800 CCA

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