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N200MFC Century Truck / Light Commercial and Heavy Equipment Battery

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$549.00 inc GST

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This item: N200MFC Century Truck / Light Commercial and Heavy Equipment Battery

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$549.00 inc GST
$549.00 inc GST
$49.88 inc GST
$79.50 inc GST
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Available on back-order

$49.88 inc GST
$79.50 inc GST
$10.00 inc GST
$76.95 inc GST

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Why buy this Century Battery?

It's one of the most popular aftermarket batteries, and the iconic yellow and blue cased models have been made in Brisbane for decades. Black cased Century models are often imported, but Century yellow cased models are proudly Aussie-made. Century provides good performance for most vehicles, often with higher CCA for customers who want high cranking amps (although we recommend you read the Panasonic description before you buy about the tradeoff with higher CCA).

Fitment Details

  • Normal Overall Dimensions (mm)
    • Length:520
    • Width:277
    • Height:218
    • Total Height:241
Special Features:Carry Handles, Central Venting, Flame Arrestor, Maintenance Free, Mud Rack, Platelock™ Technology, State of Charge Indicator, Vibration Resistant.

Technical Specifications

  • Warranty:12 months
  • Conditions apply. Refer to individual warranty statements affixed to each product.
  • Volts:12
  • CCA:1200
  • RC:430
  • AH:200
  • Weight (kg):51.50
We can provide car battery fitting and we offer home delivery, or you can choose Store Pickup when you enter your address details.  If you wish to collect from a Store in a different State then please contact us or add a note to your order form.
Please include your phone number on the order form (the Courier needs this). Note the Courier will normally leave the battery if there is nobody home. Please nominate a safe place to leave your battery, or suggest an alternative such as a neighbour.

Additional information

Weight51.5 kg
Dimensions52 × 27.7 × 24.1 cm



Lead Acid

1 review for N200MFC Century Truck / Light Commercial and Heavy Equipment Battery

  1. EB Team

    We Say: “After 12 years of testing and fitting thousands of Century car batteries, we know its a tried & trusted brand with good performance. Most of the range is made in Australia which was our original reason for stocking Century. Now we suggest them as one of the best aftermarket batteries on the market, well above average in their suitability for a wide range of daily drivers at a reasonable price”.

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