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CTSMARTPASS Ctek Smart Pass Battery Managment System

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Ctek SmartPass is an energy management unit which controls and optimises energy produced by alternators, solar cells, wind power or conventional AC/DC chargers, and distributes it to the battery banks or consumers which require energy, such as the deep cycle bank, bow thruster batteries, consumers, etc. Used together with a Ctek D250S Dual, Ctek SmartPass provides optimal charging via CTEK’s unique staged charging cycle, which also protects your batteries.

Ctek SmartPass also has an integrated ‘battery guard’ which protects deep cycle batteries from harmful total discharge and ensures that critical equipment such as radio, emergency lights and navigation systems always function. Ctek SmartPass also has a temperature sensor which protects batteries against high temperatures.Ctek SmartPass is a fully automatic energy management system which can handle up to 80A for batteries of between 28-800Ah.  Approved for outdoor use (IP65classified - water jet and dust protected).  Suitable for all types of 12V lead-acid batteries.

When combined, the Ctek D250S Dual battery charger and Ctek Smartpass provide even more advantages to vehicle owners.  As an integrated system, the Ctek Smartpass manages the energy transfer through the Ctek D250S dual which then converts and produces the optimal voltage of 14.4V, even if the alternator only produces 14V.

If its a dual battery system you're after the Ctek D250S Dual and Ctek Smartpass are the perfect combination.

For information on the CTEK D250S Dual, see here.

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