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BT1000 Bluetooth Portable Battery Tester

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  • Wireless Bluetooth Testing
  • Test Alternator output and Battery SOH
  • 12 Month Warranty

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The Quicklynks BT1000 Wireless Battery Tester is a fantastic portable unit that connects straight to your smart device, either IOS or Android. The Readout and functionality allows for CCA, SOH and Alternator testing in app and is useful when you dont have a second person to assist in testing so you can perform the tests at the driver seat. This test unit utilizes a series of pulsed voltage across the battery cells and observes the AC current that flows in response to it. This does not replace conventional load testing which will always be more accurate to determine a batteries true health. 

The analyzer also provides test modes to check Alternator output and charging as well as Starter cranking conditions. It is maintenance free and no internal batteries required. It powers up when connected to the battery posts during testing.
Key Features:

  • Simple and easy to use on all 12V vehicle batteries
  • Test batteries on and off the vehicle
  • Accurate results in milliseconds
  • Battery Life Analysis
  • Analysis Result : Good or Replace
  • Test results based on JIS, EN, DIN, CCA , BCI , CA , MCA, GB ,SAE and IEC Standards.
  • vehicle cranking system test--- cranking time, voltage and status.
  • vehicle charging system test—load voltage, unloaded voltage, ripple status and charging system status.
  • Protection of short-circuit and reverse connection.
  • All testing result will saved automatically in phones and can be shared to SNS.

Operate it by iPhone and Android mobile via Bluetooth 4.0
Test Result: Good or Replace
Capacity - Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), DIN, EN and IEC information relative to battery rating.
Internal resistance value (mohm)
Life in percentage (%)
Cranking system
Charging system
Use to test a wide range of 12V batteries (Starting [SLI], Deep Cycled and Marine) of Wet (Flooded), VRLA or Maintenance Free (MF), Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF), Absorption Glass Mat (AGM) and GEL cell. The major battery standards JIS, SAE, EN, DIN and IEC are supported.
Operating Parameters:
System voltage: 12 Volts
Input voltage range: 9V~15V
Power requirements: No internal batteries required. Power on when hooked up during testing.
Testing range: 100 ~ 2000 CCA, 100 ~ 1400 DIN, 100 ~ 1400 IEC, 100 ~ 2000 EN
AH range: 30-220AH
Product: 5.5*3.5*1.5CM
Weight: 0.2kg.
App name: BT1000
Both available for Android (Google play) and iPhone(App store)

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions5.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 cm



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