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BCM-1235-BP1 MI Battery Experts 12V 3000mAh NiMH Power Tool battery suit. for Makita

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  • Common Makita Cordless Tool Battery
  • OEM-Level High Quality
  • 12 Month Warranty

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Makita Power Tool / Cordless Drill Battery

  • Application: Power Tool / Cordless Drill
  • Original Brand: Makita
  • Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Nominal Capacity: 3Ah
  • Watt Hour: 36.0Wh
  • Width: 84.4mm
  • Height: 102.9mm
  • Length/Breadth/Depth: 93.8mm
  • Weight: 642g

PLEASE NOTE: This battery is manufactured using fast charge/high rate discharge Panasonic cells for superior performance & extended service life.
For a charging solution see ACMTE and ATP1833

Suitable For:
Makita 1050DWA
Makita 1050DWB
Makita 1050DWBE
Makita 4191DE
Makita 4191DWA
Makita 4330DE
Makita 4330DWA
Makita 4331DWA
Makita 4331DWD
Makita 5093DE
Makita 5093DWA
Makita 6213DWAE
Makita 6213DWBE
Makita 6213DWBLE
Makita 6214DWAE
Makita 6214DWDE
Makita 6216DWBE
Makita 6216DWDE
Makita 6216DWFE
Makita 6217DWDE
Makita 6226DWE
Makita 6226DWLE
Makita 6227DWE
Makita 6313DWAE
Makita 6314DWAE
Makita 6314DWDE
Makita 6316DWFE
Makita 6317DWAE
Makita 6317DWDE
Makita 6503DE
Makita 6503DWD
Makita 6835DWA
Makita 6835DWAE
Makita 6835DWD
Makita 6909DWAE
Makita 6911HDWA
Makita 6914DWAE
Makita 6914DWBE
Makita 6916DWD
Makita 6916DWDE
Makita 6918DWD
Makita 6918DWDE
Makita 6960DWA
Makita 8413DWD
Makita 8413DWDE
Makita 8413DWFE
Makita DA312DW
Makita DA312DWA
Makita DA312DWD
Makita ML120
Makita ML121
Makita ML122
Makita UB121DZ
Makita UC120DWA
Makita UC120DWE
Makita UC1220DWA
Makita VR250DWAE
Compatible With:
Makita 1220
Makita 1222
Makita 1233
Makita 1234
Makita 1235
Makita 192597-4
Makita 192598-2
Makita 192681-5
Makita 192698-A
Makita 193059-5
Makita 193100-4
Makita 193157-5

Additional information

Weight0.642 kg
Dimensions9.38 × 8.44 × 10.29 cm
Ah (capacity)



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