The Freedom package deal
The Freedom package deal
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"The Freedom" is the perfect combo to run a fridge and 12V lights on a weekend away.


The Projecta BPE330 and the Pure Energu 105Ah AGM battery combo is a convenient and user friendly power station. The Deep Cycle Battery fitted into the pre-wired box provides all your basic power needs. The box has a push-button indicator which tells you how much power is left in the battery, as well as wing nut terminals so that you can connect up your charger, inverter, fridge or lights (or you can use the cigarette socket or the merit-style socket for fridge, lights etc.).It  also comes with a hold down strap to secure it while you are travelling, and if you want USB style charging then we stock USB chargers which will fit into one of the sockets.

This power pack allows you to choose your own accessories (we can help with the right size Battery charger, DC to AC Inverter etc. if you need them) 





Battery Box Specifications:

  • Internal Size:  200mm x 190mm x 330mm
  • External Size : 280mm x 220 mm x 390mm
  • Material : Polypropylene
  • Accessory Socket : 20A circuit breaker
  • Cigarette Socket : 10A circuit breaker


105Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery
This is an exceptional choice for powering camping fridges, lights and accessories in caravans, motorhomes, camper-trailers. 
This is a fully sealed Deep Cycle Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) 12Volt battery. It can be used on its side or under seats or beds in caravans as it will never leak or give off gasses while charging (unlike regular wet lead-acid batteries).
At the normally quoted 20hour rate this battery gives you a superb 110Amp-hours! Superb value for money and backed up with a full 12 month replacement warranty.
Real Stores you can call if you need assistance, with Free Delivery* or drop in and collect your battery if you prefer. These are guaranteed fresh and are fully charged and ready to go.
Maintenance Free - no need to top up with water
Fully Sealed - can be stored and used on its side - no gassing
Suitable for deep cycle use - can be used with DC fridges, campers, lights and solar setups
Excellent Cycle Life
Rated Capacity (10 Hr Rate)  105 Ah
Total Height  228mm
Height  208mm
Length  307mm
Width  169mm
Weight Approx    28.0 Kg