Powertool Battery for MAKITA (TMK052)
Powertool Battery for MAKITA (TMK052)
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Power tool battery for MAKITA.

NiCd, 9.6V, 1300mAh

Suitable for the following models:
4190DW, 6203DWAE, 6204DWAE, 6204DWDE, 6207DWDE, 6222D, 6222DWE, 6226DWE, 6260DWE, 6908DWA, 6908DWAE, 6990DWD

Replaces original battery:
9120, 9122, 9133, 9134, 9135, 9150, 192534-A, 192595-8, 192596-6, 192638-6, 192697-0, 192697-A