Trojan T-125
Trojan T-125
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Trojan T125 Deep Cycle Battery

Further Discounts available on sets of 6 or more. The Trojan T 125 Deep Cycle battery is a 6V 240Ah Deep Cycle battery designed to be used as portable power for Leisure use (Marine, Camper/RV and Golf Carts etc.) or can be used in Industrial Machinery or as part of a bank for off grid home solar power solutions. Connect in series to make up a 12Volt or 24 Volt system if required at 225Ahr. Trojan are Made in the USA and well known and trusted in Australia for Motorhomes, Industrial, Golf and Marine applications.

The Trojan T125 comes with a 12 month nationwide replacement warranty. Specifications for this battery are listed below.


  • Width: 181mm
  • Length: 264mm
  • Height: 276mm
  • Weight: 30Kg
  • Voltage: 6V


Capacity minutes:

  • @25 Amps: 488
  • @75 Amps: 132


Drain rate:

  • 5 Hour rate = 195 Amps
  • 20 Hour rate = 240 Amps