Trojan T-105 Set of 6
Trojan T-105 Set of 6
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Revitalise your 36V Golf Cart now with a set of New Trojans. Made in the USA, Trojans are the Number 1 brand for Golf Carts and are also well known and trusted in Australia for Motorhomes, Industrial, Marine and Off-Grid Solar Deep Cycle applications.  

Genuine Trojan batteries from the offical importer. Beware cheap brown imports, which look similar but are fakes!  Made in the USA, Trojans are superb. Our Stores provide testing, recycling & warranty support.

Each battery comes with a 12 month nationwide replacement warranty for private use. Specifications for each battery are listed below.


  • Width: 181mm
  • Length: 264mm
  • Height: 276mm
  • Weight: 28Kg
  • Voltage: 6V
  • Amp hours (C20): 225Ah  
  • T105_Trojan_Data_Sheets