Trojan T-105 Set of 4
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Trojan T-105 Set of 4
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Revitalise your Golf Cart now with a set of New Trojans. Made in the USA, Trojans are the Number 1 brand for Golf Carts and are also well known and trusted in Australia for Motorhomes, Industrial, Marine and Off-Grid Solar Deep Cycle applications.  

The Trojan T-105 Deep Cycle battery is a 6 volt, 225Ah flooded Deep Cycle battery perfect for marine, Camper/RV and golf cart use. 

They are also suitable for Industrial machinery such as fork lifts and floor sweepers, and can be used as part of a battery bank for off-grid home solar solutions. 

Trojan Batteries have been manufactured for over 90 years with continual improvements in quality and reliability. They are made in the U.S.A and are trusted and popular among Australians. 

The Trojan T105 comes with a 12 month private use replacement warranty. Specifications for this battery are listed below.