Solar Regulator Charge Controller SmartSolar MPPT 75/15
Solar Regulator Charge Controller SmartSolar MPPT 75/15
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*New Model*- Includes built in  Bluetooth connectivity. Montior and adjust your regulator form your smartphone!

Ultra fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)  

Especially in case of a clouded sky, when light intensity is changing continuously, an ultra fast MPPT controller will improve energy harvest by up to 30% compared to PWM charge controllers and by up to 10%  compared to slower MPPT controllers.  

Load output  
Over-discharge of the battery can be prevented by connecting all loads to the load output. The load output  will disconnect the load when the battery has been discharged to a preset voltage. Alternatively, an intelligent battery management algorithm can be chosen: see BatteryLife.  
The load output is short circuit proof.  Some loads (especially inverters) can best be connected directly to the battery, and the inverter remote control connected to the load output. A special interface cable may be needed, please see the manual.  

BatteryLife: intelligent battery management  
When a solar charge controller is not able to recharge the battery to its full capacity within one day, theresult is often that the battery will be continually be cycled between a partially charged state and the end of discharge state. This mode of operation (no regular full recharge) will destroy a lead-acid battery within weeks or months.  
The BatteryLife algorithm will monitor the state of charge of the battery and, if needed, day by day s lightly increase the load disconnect level (i. e. disconnect the load earlier) until the harvested solar energy is  sufficient to recharge the battery to nearly the full 100%. From that point onwards the load disconnect level   will be modulated so that a nearly 100% recharge is achieved about once every week.  

Resin encapsulated electronics  
Protects the electronic components against the environment.  

Programmable battery charge algorithm  
See the software section on our website for details 

MPPT Controller Overview
MPPT 75/10, 75/15 & 100/15 Datasheet