Broadband NBN 12V Battery
Broadband NBN 12V Battery
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Ritar 12V 7.2Ah AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery - F2 Terminals

Always in Stock: Fully Charged and ready to use, with Free Courier Delivery or Store Pickup. 

Very High Quality:  These batteries are also Tested and Certified for use in Fire Alarm and Home Security Panels.

Beware: Some Online sellers claim to have links to NBN, or have misleading official nbn_batteries (or similar) in their website addresses. NBN do not certify any particular battery which allows some very cheap and nasty batteries to be sold as being suitable for NBN. Check the small print on these sites and you will see they have no connection or approval from NBN Co.

Fitting: Easy DIY fit, just unplug the mains power to the NBN Unit, open the cover and slide off the wires from the 2 terminals to remove the old battery. Then plug in the new battery by sliding off the white plastic covers and connecting the red wire to the red positive ( + ) terminal & the black wire to the negative  ( - ) terminal.  You can then plug the mains power plug back into the powerpoint.

12V (12 Volt), 7.2Ah (7.2 Amp-hour)

AGM Sealed Lead Acid - 6Cells

Quick Disconnect F2 Faston Tab Terminals

Length: 150mm.
Width: 64mm.
Height: 94mm.
Weight: 2.2kg.
Warranty: 12 months.