Ritar 12Volt 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid - Box of 8
Ritar 12Volt 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid - Box of 8
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Special Price for a Box of 8 Ritar 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery (Store Pickup Only)

This is the most popular battery for most Home Security Alarms (Burglar Alarms). Easy to fit, just unplug the old battery and plug in this new one (the slide-on metal connectors are covered by disposable white plastic insulators for shipping). Replaces the same size battery made by the following manufacturers:


  • AmpTech, Bosch
  • CSB, Century
  • DiaMec, Genesis
  • Haze, Enersys
  • Panasonic, Powersonic
  • SSB, Vision, Yuasa etc.

Tested and certified as fire safe for security panels. Replaces all brands of 12V (12 volt) battery in the range of 7Ah - 7.5Ah (Ah = Amp-Hour).  This is the most popular battery for almost all Home Alarm Systems, and also many childrens toys, electric push-bikes, hobby-projects, canoe bilge pumps etc.  Easy to fit, just unplug the existing battery and plug in the new one, it comes with slide on terminals to match the existing battery. Just slide off the white plastic covers (see pictures) and connect the red wire to the red (+) terminal. The black wire slides on to the other (-) terminal.  The battery comes fully charged and with Free Standard Delivery. 

12V (12 Volt), 7.2Ah (7.2 Amp-hour).
Length: 151mm.
Width: 65mm.
Height (exc terminals): 94mm.
Weight: 2.2kg.
Warranty: 12 months.