Ritar RA12-120
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Ritar RA12-120
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A very good quality 12Volt 120Ah (120Amp-Hour) AGM Deep Cycle battery.

Now with a 24 Month Pro-Rata Warranty, choose from either Store Pickup or $35 Flat Rate Delivery.

Ritar AGM batteries have a very good reputation for performance and long life. They have been the original brand fitted in many new Australian RV's (e.g. Jayco) over the past decade. With such a large percentage of all new Caravans and Motorhomes being fitted with the Ritar brand they are very well proven in Australia. 

Excellent Value for money, this battery is fully sealed and completely dry, it can never spill acid and it will not give off gasses while charging hence it is ideal for use under seats, or under the floor in Motorhomes, Campers or Boats. This battery is not recommended for under-bonnet installations, but is ideal for use with Solar Panels, and to run lights and fridges for example in Caravans and other RV's. A true AGM and excellent quality for the price. 

Ideal for :

  • Solar RV applications
  • Mobility Vehicles
  • Caravans & Campers
  • Marine Vessels
  • Deep discharge UPS

Select Free Store Pick-up or $35 Flat Rate Delivery.


  • Width: 170mm
  • Length: 328mm
  • Height: 210mm
  • Weight: 32.2Kg
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Positive terminal on left (screw down type) 
  • 24 Month Pro-Rata Warranty

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