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The Quest: Pb Crystal and Arkpak package deal
The Quest: Pb Crystal and Arkpak package deal
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"The Quest" can run all of your small appliances, charge all your phones, laptops and run your fridge on your weekend away. 


Put a Pure Energy 130Ah Pb Crystal battery into the new AP730P 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter and you can plug in anywhere around the country and still get the same type of power you get at your home. Better yet, you can now run and recharge your most sensitive devices such as drones, cameras, studio gear, computers, laptops and even Bi-PAP/CPAP machines - giving you more freedom to be creative, stay connected and tour in safety!









The ArkPak is the only battery box on the market that has a built-in AC-DC and DC-DC charger. This mean you can recharge from a regular mains outlet, or from the 12v accessory (cigarette lighter) outlet while you drive. You can also charge using a solar panel using the anderson plug conneciton or the rgualr terminal posts for alligator clip connections.

External dimensions:

240mm wide 

440mm long  

327mm high 

Pure Energy Pb Crystal Batteries are the latest development in Lead-Crystal type batteries.
They boast operating temperature from +65°C down to -40C, and are superb in high-discharge applications due to their high purity active material. Pure Energy Pb Crystal batteries can also recharge up to twice as fast as traditional Lead Acid variants such as AGM.
Apart from the improved cycle life, the main advantage of Pure Energy Pb Crystal Batteries is that they can recover from being fully discharged repeatedly, and from being left flat for weeks at a time.
  • Drop-In replacement for AGM 
  • Super-fast recharge time - up to twice as fast as AGM 
  • Huge Cycle life, typically 2-3 times greater than AGM to same DoD.
  • SiO2 Electrolyte 
  • Lead-Crystal Technology
  • Maintenance Free - Fully Sealed 
  • 99% Recyclable Non-dangerous goods
  • 2 Year replacement warranty 
  • These batteries are 100% fresh, fully charged and ready to go!
Terminal Type: M8
Total Height: 219mm
Height: 214mm
Length: 331mm
Nominal Voltage: 12 Volt
Capacity @ 20 hour rate: 130Ah
Capacity @ 10 hour rate: 120Ah
Bulk: 14.7V
Absorption: 14.7V
Float: 13.6V








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