Delta Q Quiq Q36-21 smart battery Charger 36 Volt 21Amp
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QuiQ 1000 Battery Charger
Flexibility included.
The versatile design of QuiQ 1000 provides manufacturers with flexibility and battery charging performance. The QuiQ 1000 is usable on or off-board, and contains up to 10 optimized charge profiles for lead acid and lithium-ion batteries. All QuiQ Series chargers share an identical mechanical design and IP66-rated ingress protection, so they are easy to deploy across machine platforms based on the needed output power and voltage.
Delta-Q has more than 190 commercialized charge profiles, covering many manufacturers, models and chemistries of lead acid batteries (flooded/wet, and sealed AGM and gel) and lithium batteries.
DC Output                            36 VDC 
Maximum DC output power    875 W 
Maximum DC output current   21 A 
AC Input         
AC input voltage range          85-265 VAC
AC input frequency               45-65 Hz
Mechanical Design         
Dimensions                           28.0 x 24.6 x 11.0 cm
Weight                                 < 5 kg 
AC input connector                IEC320/C14 with AU/NZ cord
Ingress protection rating        IP66 (NEMA4)
Charging performance
The QuiQ 1000 provides excellent charge quality for different types of lead acid and lithium-ion batteries, including profiles for major brands such as Trojan, U.S. Battery, Discover Energy and Fullriver Battery. For lithium charging, the QuiQ can be controlled to return an exact voltage to the battery pack. In Volta Motorbikes' electric motorcycles, the QuiQ 1000 is connected to the vehicle's controller unit to charge a lithium polymer battery pack using a custom profile.