Century 6Volt 4Ah Sealed Lead Acid
Century 6Volt 4Ah Sealed Lead Acid
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This battery is popular in many battery operated childrens toys,torches, camp lighting, hobby-projects and test equpment.

Easy to replace in most units just  remove the existing battery and slip in the new one.

Note that Century make probably the best battery for this application. We have opened them up (not recommended normally) and load and capacity tested them compared to cheap imitations (which often come fitted as standard in childrens toys and many alarm panels). The Century 7Ah batteries tested had far more metal plate than most competitors, and this along with its higher quality lead-paste formulation gives it a typical capacity of 7.5Ah (7.5 Amp-hours) in our tests versus often only 2 - 3Ah for some cheap imports. The only close competitor was Ritar which tested at close to the rated 7Ah, and Panasonic which is also excellent but more expensive and therefore more suited to computer UPS systems.

The reason this matters is that it is the real Ah (amp-hour) capacity which determines how long the alarm system will operate when mains power is cut, or how long the toy / lighting will last before the battery goes flat! Ignore what it says on the side and invest in a good quality Century product like this one. 

The battery comes fully charged and in most applications (alarms, toys etc) there is a charger built into the system to keep it charged up. However for other applications we do also sell a suitable charger which will not overcharge the battery (a common problem when people use car or bike chargers and leave the battery on charge too long!).

Length: 70mm
Height (exc terminals): 100mm
Weight: .0.69kg
Warranty: 12 months.