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Pure Energy  LiFePO4 12V/21Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Battery
Pure Energy LiFePO4 12V/21Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Battery



Top Quality 21 Amp-Hour Lithium Deep Cycle Battery from Pure Energy.

Pure Energy Lithium batteries are high quality, high current lithium batteries sold by an Australian owned company with 5-Star Excellent Ratings on Trustpilot, the Independant review site. Featuring a built in Battery Management System for safety and long-life, these batteries are an ideal replacement for many lead acid, GEL or AGM batteries. They provide much greater usable capacity, are very light weight and have very high cycle-life.

The Manufacturer is a Global Top-3 maker of the Lithium Cells which power these batteries. They own and control the entire end-to-end manufacturing process, from raw materials through to final assembly, ensuring upmost quality and reliability. The result is a battery with very high power output, and a very high cycle-life backed up by a long warranty.
Many lithium batteries on the market today use low quality or second hand cells (often recycled from old laptop batteries) to get the prices down. This results in poor performance and reduced cycle life. They might promise a long warranty, but they are unlikely to still be around if you need to call on them, and we know for a fact their 100Ah models can't provide enough power for big 240V inverters.
Pure Energy batteries on the other hand are made with only the best materials and this shows in the quality of their power output. Many Pure Energy Lithium battery models offer twice the continuous current output of rival lithium brands!

Why choose a Pure Energy Lithium Deep Cycle battery from Every Battery?

  1. Quality of the internal Lithium Cylindrical cells.
    • We don’t use re-cycled (i.e. used) cells reclaimed from other sources such as laptop batteries. Many cheaper models do!
    • Our Manufacturer is a Global Top 3 Cell Manufacturer, and controls the whole cycle from raw materials through cell production, selection, balancing, BMS production and final assembly of the complete battery. They produce batteries for Military and Telecommunications companies as well as ourselves.
  2. Quality of the Battery Management System (BMS).
    • This can handle much higher continuous loads, which allows for both peak power when you need it (e.g. trolling motor, electric motor) but also higher continuous current to run bigger inverters and hence some coffee machines, jug kettles etc.
    • BMS balances and protects the cells inside the battery for optimum performance.
  3. Construction Quality
    • Pure Energy batteries features a good quality external case, and an interior with good protection for electronics and cells.
  4. Safety!!
    • Even with a BMS in place, internal micro-growths can cause short circuits in some lithium chemistries, leading to thermal run-away (causing fires which are very difficult to put out). With LiFePo4 Chemistry the Pure Lithium is safe to use and does not suffer from thermal runaway even under fault conditions.
  5. Reputation of the seller.
    • Every Battery have a long reputation for service excellence – with a 5-Star Excellent Rating on the independent review site Trustpilot and similar performance on Google Business rankings. This ensures we care about our customers and our reputation, which is ultimately what underpins the warranty on the products we sell.
    • Sellers on Ebay can afford to provide long warranties – they may not be around in a few years and they often put up barriers to avoid returns and warranty resolutions.
  6. Charging Advice.
    • Using the wrong battery charger can kill the BMS inside the battery, rendering it useless.
    • Many sellers of Lithium batteries use terms like “drop in replacement” and imply that any old charging method will work. The reality is that Lithium Batteries are sensitive to charge voltages and lose capacity if undercharged.
    • They do not like continuous charging (such as standby power or trickle charging) and even quality AGM Deep Cycle or Car battery chargers can apply high frequency current pulses which can damage the BMS if the charger switches into battery recovery mode (desulphation).
    • We recommend the correct Lithium Battery charger for the battery, and removing the battery once charged, with top-up charges every 2 months rather than standby charging.
    • Don’t use in series or parallel configurations.
You must use a Lithium Charger with this battery, we recommend the Victron Blue Smart Range of chargers.

Pure Energy  LiFePO4 12V/21Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

  • 2.6kg
  • 4,000 cycles @ 50% DOD
  • 10A rated continuous discharge
  • 21A Max discharge (<5min)
  • 30A Peak surge discharge (<5 sec)
  • NominalVoltage:12V
  • Nominal Capacity:22Ah
  • Dimensions:L181 x W77 x H167mm
  • Cell Assembly: LiFePO4 26650
  • Stored Energy: 276 Wh
  • Internal Resistance: <60 mOhm
  • Charge Voltage: 14.4 +/- 0.1V
  • Continuous Charge Current: 4A
  • Charge Mode: CC/CV
  • Charge Temp Range: 0-45 C
  • Discharge Temp Range: -20 to 60 C
  • 3 Year Warranty (Private Use - or 12 months Commercial Use).