Projecta PC1600 6-Stage Automatic Battery Charger
Projecta PC1600 6-Stage Automatic Battery Charger
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PC1600 6-Stage Projecta Battery Charger

Projecta PC1600 6-Stage Battery Charger 12V 16A

6-stage charging is ideal for use on a wide range of battery types including automotive and marine as well as deep cycle batteries commonly found in boats, caravans and other recreational vehicles. Suitable for AGM, wet cell and calcium batteries.

6-stage charging uses sophisticated electronic monitoring to ensure a faster, comprehensive and professional style charge giving your battery longer life and better performance compared to using traditional chargers.

Additional features:

Calcium Mode

Pro-Charge is designed to charge traditional lead antimony as well as modern calcium batteries. Calcium mode adjusts the charging profile to suit calcium batteries, and is best suited for calcium batteries that have been deeply discharged and require an equalisation charge to restore a full electrolyte reading.

Adjustable Current

Suitable for a wide range of different size batteries, Pro-Charge battery chargers feature an adjustable output that can be set as low as 2A to deliver optimum and safe charging for all your batteries.


Pro-Charge's rejuvenation mode can restore tired batteries by breaking down sulphation and revitalising the battery cells, increasing battery life and performance. This mode is optional and runs for a full 24 hours and is ideal for periodic maintenance.

Safe & Easy

Fully automatic and spark-free, Pro-Charge is short circuit and polarity protected, safe to use on batteries still connected to the vehicle and can be left connected indefinitely without risk of overcharging. Pro-Charge features user-friendly controls and remembers the last settings used even after the power has been turned off. A mounting kit is included for permanent installation.

Output voltage: 12V
Output current: 2, 4, 8, 16A
Minimum start voltage: 3.0V
Back drain: 1mA
Size (mm) 229 x 137 x 86
Weight 1.5 kg
Battery range:
Deep Cycle 14-320Ah
Automotive 80-1900CCA
Marine 110-2700MCA