Sony PSP Extended External Battery for PSP-1000
Sony PSP Extended External Battery for PSP-1000
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Suitable for the following models:
PSP-1000, PSP-1000G1, PSP-1000G1W1

The PSP-1000 is an external battery that is moulded to fit along the bottom of the Sony PSP so it virtually becomes part of the machine. With the PSP-1000 the total battery capacity available to the PSP is effectively doubled when used alongside the internal battery giving the PSP double the run time without changing or charging batteries as would be the case with the internal battery only (based on original internal battery of 1500mAh)

Replaces original battery:

Details: Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) 3.7V, 1500mAh
Dimensions: 21.6mm x 22.5mm x 121.9mm