Auxiliary/starting battery for Mercedes Benz
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Auxiliary/starting battery for Mercedes Benz
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Not to be confused with the 12 - 14AH AGM motorcycle size battery used as auxiliary in some Mercedes Benz models, this size is bigger and not interchangeable. Like the 14AH version it is fitted in the engine bay. Previously only readily available from Mercedes Benz as an original part, or specialist importers, this small DIN battery features similar specifications to the OEM unit, constructed with full-frame Silver-Calcium plates, SMF casing and with recessed terminals (RH Positive). Overall casing height is 140mm only.

Click here to See the Motorcycle battery used in some Mercedes Benz models.

It is a high-cranking battery for its size, rated at 35AH, 400CCA and 500CA. (Midtronics conductance testing typically shows in excess of 500CCA).
Part No. MB35AUX comes with 24 months free-replacement warranty and is designed to provide many years of reliable service for a fraction of the cost of OEM replacement part.


Reserve Capacity: 60

CCA : 400

Voltage : 12

Capacity : 35 Ah

Length : 205mm

Width : 175mm

Height : 140mm