Katana YTX20L-BS Maintenance-free VRLA Battery
Katana YTX20L-BS Maintenance-free VRLA Battery
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The Katana YTX20L-BS is a Conventional rugged, reliable, dependable battery that's built to protect against seepage and corrosion. It can withstand vibration and deliver high cranking power in the harshest conditions.


  • Patented separators for high cranking power.
  • Through partition construction giving you maximum power.
  • Unique sealed posts resisting corrosion for longer battery life.
  • Heat-sealed, bonded unit and container resisting damage from fuel, oil, seepage and corrosion.


  • Length: 175mm
  • Width: 87mm
  • Height: 155mm
  • Weight: 5.2kg
  • CCA: 270
  • Amp-hours (Ah) 18Ah
  • Warranty: 1 Year