Trojan J305P
Trojan J305P
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Trojan J305P 330 Ah Deep Cycle Battery

Trojan J305P. The Trojan J305P 330 Amp-Hour Deep Cycle battery is designed to be used as portable power for Leisure applications such as RV's and Marine use. Made in the USA, Trojan are a byword for reliability and long life. Trojans are well known and trusted in Australia for Motorhomes, Industrial, Leisure and Marine applications. 

The Trojan J305P comes with a 12 month nationwide replacement warranty. Complete specifications for this battery are listed below.


  • Width: 178mm
  • Length: 295mm
  • Height: 365mm
  • Weight: 41Kg
  • Voltage: 6Volt 

Capacity minutes:

  • @25 Amps:675
  • @75 Amps: 175 

Drain rate:

  • 5 Hour rate = 271 Amps
  • 20 Hour rate = 330 Amps