Drypower  73.6V 6.6Ah high capacity Segway Battery
Drypower 73.6V 6.6Ah high capacity Segway Battery
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73.6V 6.6Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery compatible for use with Segway®.

This high capacity battery is up to 25% more capacity than the orginal 5.2Ah battery.

Compatibility All i2 and x2 Segway PT models (that were shipped from the factory after October 12, 2006) are compatible with the Li-ion Batteries. Segway PT software version 14.0 or later is required for Li-ion Batteries. If you own a Segway PT model i180, XT, or GT, you already have version 14.0 software or higher and your Li-ion Batteries are "plug and play." An upgrade to the Segway PT software is necessary in order to use Li-ion Batteries with older Segway PT models (Li-ion Batteries are not compatible with p Series models). To identify the software version on your i167, i170, i180, or e167 PT, first, power on, then power down while observing the display.

Use the Same Battery Types Your Segway PT is powered by two Li-ion rechargeable Batteries. Do not mix Battery types. Always use Batteries in pairs of the same chemistry, for example, two NiMH or two Li-ion Batteries.

Replace Batteries in Pairs Whenever you replace a Battery, consider replacing both Batteries. Replacing only one Battery will not necessarily increase the performance or range of your Segway PT, because the Segway PT is designed to operate only at the level allowed by the lower-energy Battery. Redundancy is a critical safety feature built into the Segway PT. This applies to the Batteries. Therefore, you should replace Batteries in pairs (except in the unusual situation where a Battery is replaced because of damage or defect and the other Battery is relatively new).  

CAUTION: Dedicated charger is required. Do not use non appropriate chargers or chargers used for other battery chemistries.


This lithium based product is classified as Class 9 DG (UN3480) where it contains more than 20Wh/cell or 100Wh/pack (Lithium Ion) and therefore cannot be sent by airfreight.

Transport via ROAD or SEA FREIGHT ONLY for this product.



Voltage : 73.6V

Capacity : 6.6Ah

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current  6000mA

Width : 350mm

Height : 79mm

Length : 190mm

Weight : 5.204 kg

See here for datasheet.