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All VIC Stores Offer Safe Contactless Pickup, Installation & Deliveries
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IDC25 Isolator & Centruy N70T battery combo
IDC25 Isolator & Centruy N70T battery combo
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This kit contains everything you need to hardwire a dual battery setup into your vehicle. 


These dual battery chargers from Projecta are the best DC-DC charges on the market today. They can handle all LV and Variable voltage alternator model vehicles as well as regular alternators.

These DC-DC chargers can be fitted inside the engine bay, making them much easier to install - especially in vehicles with both batteries in the engine bay. 

It also features a high quality MPPT solar charge controller for  direct connection of solar panels up to 400W, Mono or Poly compatible.


CHARGE TYPE:                                       3 Stage
MAX SOLAR INPUT:                               23Vdc, 385W
OUTPUT CURRENT                                Input  9-11Vdc  20A, 
                                                            Input 11-32Vdc 25A
BACK DRAIN ON AUX BATTERY:        9.5-10.5mA
12V: Turn On: 12.2-20V
24V: Turn On: 24.4-32V Turn Off: <11.9V 
Turn Off: <24V
12V: Turn On: 13.4-20V
24V: Turn On: 26.8-32V Turn Off: <12.8V 
Turn Off: <25.6V
-10°C to +80°C

The well trusted and top quality Century Deep Cycle Flooded range are constructed with thicker plates, specialist antimonial lead alloys and denser active material to withstand repeated recharge and discharge cycles. 

The maintainable design enables easy access and topping up of electrolyte levels for maximum control over battery life, whilst premium grade raw materials and acid electrolyte ensure reliable deep cycling performance in a diverse range of recreational and commercial applications. They are suitable for use in engine bays (under the bonnet / hood) but not for internal use in caravans, motorhomes etc. as they will produce gasses while charging.


  • Length: 306, Width: 171, Height: 201
  • Volts: 12
  • 100 Ah @ 20 hr
  • Terminal type: DT

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