Projecta IC2500 7-Stage Automatic Battery Charger 25A
Projecta IC2500 7-Stage Automatic Battery Charger 25A
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Projecta IC2500 7-Stage Battery Charger 12V 25A

7 Stage Charging

Intelli-Charge battery chargers use intelligent electronics to monitor the charging process and deliver an advanced 7-stage charge to your battery. 7-stage charging is a very comprehensive and accurate charging technique that gives your battery longer life and better performance compared to using traditional chargers.

Additional features:


The multi chemistry function allows you to set the charging profile to suit the battery's chemistry type (GEL, AGM, WET and Calcium). This ensures correct and thorough charging and maximises battery performance and battery life.

Adjustable Current

Intelli-Charge allows you to adjust and select the charge rate from as low as 2 Amps to best suit the size of your batteries.

Power Supply

In the larger models (25, 35, 50A, 8A/24V), power supply operates as a float charge (constant voltage) and is ideal for maintaining a battery while running an appliance or load from the battery without risk of overcharging the battery.

User-Friendly Controls

All Intelli-Charge chargers feature user-friendly displays so you can quickly customise the charge settings and monitor the charger's performance. What's more, the chargers remember the last settings used even when the power has been turned off.

LCD Display & Remote Control

Control and monitor the charger's performance from a remote control display, allowing the charger to be mounted out of the way and out of sight. The battery charger and remote are synchronised for operation either locally or by remote.

Temperature Compensation

The temperature sensor monitors the battery temperature and adjusts (compensates) the charger's output to prevent overcharging. This is ideal for batteries used in warmer climates or environments.

Short Circuit Protection

Projecta Intelli-Charge battery chargers feature short circuit protection, even in Power Supply mode. Designed to prevent the output leads from sparking during charging from accidental reverse connection or short circuit, Projecta gives you peace of mind that the charger will remain safe at all times.

Shock Proof & Dust Proof

Constructed from extruded aluminium, Intelli-Charge battery chargers are shock-proof, dust-proof and have been rigorously vibration tested and passed both a military and caravan standard. In addition, the circuit boards have been conformal coated to protect against moisture and dust and other elements so they are suitable for use in a range of locations.

2 Year Warranty

Australian designed and engineered, quality is guaranteed and all battery chargers include a 2 year comprehensive warranty.

Output voltage: 12V
Output current: 2, 6, 12, 25A
Minimum start voltage: 2.5V
Back drain: 1mA
Size (mm): 210x81x168
Weight: 1.25 kg

Charge Control
Desulphation: High Frequency Pulse charge up to 11V
Soft start: Half the rated set current up to 12V
Bulk: 15A up to:

  • 14.1V (GEL)
  • 14.4V (AGM)
  • 14.7V (WET)
  • 14.7V (CALCIUM)

Absorption: Constant voltage until current drops to:

  • 2 Amp setting: 0.3A
  • 6 Amp setting: 0.9A
  • 12 Amp setting: 1.8A
  • 25 Amp setting: 3.75A

Equalisation: Contact current (2.0 - 3.75A) up to 16A then hold for 1 hour or 12 hour timeout
Analysis: Monitors battery for 90 sec
Recondition: Constant current (0.3 - 3.75A) for 4 hours limited to:

  • 14.1V (GEL)
  • 14.4V (AGM)
  • 16V (WET)
  • 16V (CALCIUM)

Float 13.7V

Battery range:
Deep Cycle 14-500Ah
Automotive 80-3000CCA
Marine 110-4200MCA