Projecta HDBC35 Workshop Battery Charger
Projecta HDBC35 Workshop Battery Charger
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Projecta HDBC35 Battery Charger

Projecta HDBC35 Workshop Battery Charger 6V/12V/24V 35Amp 21,000mA.

Designed for the most demanding environments such as heavy duty transport and agriculture, the Projecta HDBC-35 delivers ample power, sturdy construction and various charging options.

It features manual and automatic operation and is suitable for charging 6, 12 and 24 Volt batteries.

Additional features:

Manual Charge

When used by experienced operators it can be used to deliver an equalization charge to balance the voltage in the battery's cell.

Automatic Charge

Leave connected to the battery without the risk of overcharging. The charger automatically controls its output when the battery is full, and maintains it in a fully charged state.

0-14 Hour Timer

Automatically turns the battery charger off after set time. Can be set at 60 min intervals.

Engine Start

If you need to get going and the battery is flat then the engine start will help you out. Connect the charger to the battery, set it to engine start mode for 5 minutes, then start your engine.

L.E.D Voltage/Amp Display

A volt meter determines the battery charge level while the Amp meter displays how much power is being delivered into the battery.

Thermal Overload/Polarity Protection

Prevents the output leads from sparking due to accidental reverse connection or short circuit, increasing safety.

21,000mA (35A RMS) at 6.0V
21,000mA (35A RMS) at 12.0V
13,500mA (22A RMS) at 24.0V

Battery charge times
AUTOMOTIVE 6, 12,24V Battery size: 550-2000CCA Charge time: 4-10 hrs
MARINE 6, 12,24V Battery size: 700-2500MCA Charge time: 5-12 hrs
DEEP CYCLE 6, 12,24V Battery size: 75-250Ah Charge time:5-12 hrs