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Sonnenschein GF1222YF
Sonnenschein GF1222YF
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24 Ah Deep Cycle GEL Battery (Free Delivery)

Free Delivery on this popular Sonnenschein GF 12 22 YF 24 Amp-Hour GEL Battery. The Sonnenschein GF1222YF GEL Battery is an excellent solution for leisure and boating as well as mobility applications, such as wheelchairs and scooters. Sonnenschein make possibly the best GEL batteries for Golf carts. A German manufacturer of very high quality Deep Cycle batteries, these batteries are well suited to mobility applications for long lasting power, or great for leisure including boating and golfing.

If you have an application where the battery is deeply discharged on a regular basis (e.g. Golf carts) then a good quality GEL battery such as Sonnenschien is definitely your best bet. These last much better than any other regular battery in these applications.

Note that GEL batteries need to be charged at a lower voltage than regular lead acid or AGM batteries, so check your charger has a GEL setting or call us if you need advice. If you are simply replacing one GEL battery with a new one (e.g. replacing the Sonnenschein in your buggy or cart) then the original charger should be fine.

Delivery information: Free Delivery to most Australian mainland destinations. Batteries will be shipped by road courier and typically arrive inside 5 working days, although do allow 2 - 10 days as per the order form, and please include your telephone number so our courier can contact you if required.

Alternatively customer pick-up on this product is normally available from our Stores - just select your nearest Store below.


  • Width: 176mm
  • Length: 167mm
  • Height: 126mm
  • Weight: 9.6Kg
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amp Hours: 24 (C20)