Samsung X200 Battery
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Samsung X200 Battery
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  • Description
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  • Application: Cellular Telephone
    • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion (Li-ion)
    • Voltage: 3.6V
    • Capacity: 850mAh
    Suitable For:
    Samsung X200, Samsung A130, B100, B108, B300, B308, B500, B508
    Samsung C120, C128, C130, C138, C140, C158, C166, C168, C188, C258, C266, C268, C300, C308, C406, C408, C425, C426, C506
    Samsung D520, D528, D720, D728, D730, E210, E215C, E218, E250, E256, E258, E380, E388, E428, E500, E508, E870, E878, E900, E908
    Samsung F179, F250, F258, F369, F379, F399, F509, F519
    Samsung I320, M110, M140L, P910, P920, S139, S169, S199, S209, S269, S399, S401, T609, W539
    Samsung X128, X150, X156, X158, X160, X168, X180, X188, X208, X210, X218, X268, X300, X308, X500, X508, X520, X528, X530, X538, X566, X568, X638, X680, X686, X688, X969, X979, X989