Sony NP-FR1 Digital Camera Battery
Sony NP-FR1 Digital Camera Battery
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  • Store-Grade Lithium-ion (Li-ion).
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Lithium-Ion Battery, 3.6V, 1200mAh


Designed to replace the following batteries:


  • Sony NP-FR1M

Suitable for the following cameras:

  • Cyber-shot DSC-F88, DSC-G1, DSC-P100
  • Cyber-shot DSC-P100/L, DSC-P100/LJ, DSC-P100/R
  • Cyber-shot DSC-P100/S, DSC-P100PP, DSC-P120
  • Cyber-shot DSC-P150, DSC-P150/B, DSC-P150/L
  • Cyber-shot DSC-P150/S, DSC-P200, DSC-P200/B
  • Cyber-shot DSC-P200/R, DSC-P200/S, DSC-T30
  • Cyber-shot DSC-T30/B, DSC-T30S, DSC-T50
  • Cyber-shot DSC-T50/B , DSC-T50/R, DSC-V3