Dell Laptop Computer Battery NDL1006
Dell Laptop Computer Battery NDL1006
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Popular, high quality Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) replacement battery for your laptop or notebook computer. Sourced from one of the largest Australian Battery suppliers, so the quality is assured, plus you have the backing of our Australian-based Stores for advice and support.

  • Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) 11.1 V, 2200 mAh
  • High quality Lithium-Ion replacement for the original battery.
  • Full 12 month replacement warranty.

Suitable for the following models:
Inspiron Mini 10, Inspiron Mini 10v, Inspiron Mini 1010, Inspiron Mini 1010n, Inspiron Mini 1010v, Inspiron Mini 1011, Inspiron Mini 1011n, Inspiron Mini 1011v

Replaces original battery:
0D597P, 0D830M, 0F143M, 0F144M, 0H766N, 0H768N, 0H769N, 0H771N, 0J590M, 0J654N, 0J658N, 0K712N, 0K713N, 0K781, 0K781P, 0K916P, 0KIU10, 0M456P, 0M457P, 0M525P, 0N531P, 0N532P, 0N533P, 0T745P, 312-0867, 312-0907, 312-0908, 312-0931, 312-0935, 991T2530F, 991T2540F, D597P, D830M, F143M, F144M, H766N, H768N, H769N, H771N, J590M, J654N, J658N, K711N, K712N, K713N, K781, K781P, K916P, KIU10, M456P, M457P, M525P, N531P, N532P, N533P, P03T, PP19S, T745P