Asus Laptop Computer Battery NAS702
Asus Laptop Computer Battery NAS702
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Popular, high quality Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) replacement battery for your laptop or notebook computer. Sourced from one of the largest Australian Battery suppliers, so the quality is assured, plus you have the backing of our Australian-based Stores for advice and support.

  • Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) 14.8 V, 4800 mAh
  • High quality Lithium-Ion replacement for the original battery.
  • Full 12 month replacement warranty.

Suitable for the following models:
A3, A3A, A3Ac, A3E, A3Fc, A3Fp, A3G, A3H, A3Hf, A3L, A3N, A3Nc, A3V, A3VC, A3Vp, A6, A6E, A6F, A6G, A6J, A6Ja, A6Jc, A6Je, A6Jm, A6K, A6Km, A6Kt, A6L, A6M, A6N, A6Ne, A6R, A6rP, A6T, A6Tc, A6U, A6V, A6Va, A6Vc, A6vM, A7, A7C, A7F, A7GB, A7J, A7K, A7M, A7S, A7SC, A7SV, A7T, A7V, A38N, A78B, A3000, A3000A, A3000Ac, A3000E, A3000G, A3000H, A3000L, A3000N, A3000V, A3000Vc, A3000Vp, A3500L, A3500N, A3800G, A3800N, A6000, A6000E, A6000G, A6000Ga, A6000J, A6000Ja, A6000K, A6000L, A6000N, A6000Ne, A6000R, A6000U, A6000V, A6000Va, A6000Vc, A6000Vm, A6722, A7000cc, G1, G1S, G2, G2S, PRO60V, PROVa, PROVc, PROVm, Z9, Z80, Z81, Z81D, Z81G, Z81K, Z81Ka, Z81L, Z82, Z90, Z91, Z91E, Z91ER, Z91G, Z91L, Z91N, Z92, Z92G, Z92L, Z92Ne, Z92U, Z92Va, Z93, Z8000, Z8000H, Z8100, Z8100D, Z8100G, Z8100K, Z8100Ka, Z8100L, Z8200, Z9000, Z9100, Z9100E, Z9100ER, Z9100G, Z9100L, Z9100N, Z9200, Z9200G, Z9200L, Z9200N, Z9200Ne, Z9200U, Z9200Va, Z9200Z, Z9300

Replaces original battery:
70-NA51B1100, 70-NA51B2100, 70-NCL6B3000, 70-NFH5B2000M, 90-NA51B1000, 90-NA51B2000, 90-NA51B2100, 90-NA51B2200, 90-NA52B2000, 90-NA71B1100, 90-NCG1B1000, 90-NCG1B1010, 90-ND01B1000, 90-NDK1B1000, 90-NDM1B1000, 90-NFJ1B1000, 90-NFPCB1001, 90-NFPCB2001, 90-NG31B1000, 90-NH73B1000Z, 90-NHJ9B1000Z, 90-NIL1B2000, A42-A3, A42-A6, LCB262