HC 120Ah Deep Cycle AGM
HC 120Ah Deep Cycle AGM
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Hardcore AGM batteries make a great entry-level AGM Deep Cycle Battery, at a much lower price point than the more established brands and yet from one of our trusted suppliers so we know the quality is good as well as the price!

They are designed for normal use in family caravans and motorhomes (i.e. good for going on holidays to run your fridge, lights etc.). For most people these maintenance free, fully sealed and completely dry batteries are ideal. They will never spill acid or give off gasses while charging and so are good for use under seats in Caravans and Motorhomes or in the back of a vehicle.

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  • Width: 176 mm
  • Length: 331 mm
  • Height: 219 mm including screw in bolts (214 without)
  • Weight: 34Kg Approx
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Capacity 120Ah at 20hour rate (C20)
  • 8mm Bolts provided for connection to your cables.
  • The positive (+) terminal is on the left (= red terminal in the picture).
  • 12 Month replacement warranty.