Fuji-NP60 + Kodak KLIC5000
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Fuji-NP60 + Kodak KLIC5000
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Fujifilm NP60, Kodak KLIC-5000 Camera Battery

This is a high quality replacement battery as sold in our stores. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a full 12 month replacement warranty.

Details: Lithium-Ion Battery, 3.7V, 1100mAh, 4.1Wh

This battery is designed to replace the following batteries:

Casio NP-30, Creative NP-60, Fujifilm NP-60, Hewlett Packard A1812A, Hewlett Packard L1812A, Hewlett Packard Q2232-80001, Kodak KLIC-5000, Olympus LI-20B, Panasonic CGA-S301, Panasonic VW-VBA10, Panasonic VW-VBA21, Pentax D-LI2, Ricoh DB-40, Samsung SBL-1037, Samsung SLB-1137, Toshiba PDR-BT3, Yeasu FNB-82LI

This battery is suitable for use in the following cameras:


  • QV-R3 QV-R4


  • DiVi CAM 428


  • FinePix F410 Zoom, FinePix F601 Zoom, FinePix M603 Zoom, FinePix F401, FinePix F401 Zoom, FinePix F410, FinePix F601, FinePix 50i, FinePix 601, FinePix M603

Hewlett Packard:

  • Photosmart R607 BMW, Photosmart R717, Photosmart R847
  • Photosmart R937, Photosmart R507, Photosmart R607,
  • Photosmart R607 BMW, Photosmart R607 Gwen, Photosmart R607xi
  • Photosmart R707, Photosmart R707v, Photosmart R707xi
  • Photosmart R717, Photosmart R817, Photosmart R817v
  • Photosmart R817xi, Photosmart R818, Photosmart R725
  • Photosmart R967, Photosmart R827, Photosmart R837


  • EasyShare One Series, EasyShare P712, EasyShare DX6490
  • EasyShare DX7440, EasyShare DX7630
  • EasyShare LS420, EasyShare LS433, EasyShare LS443, Easyshare LS633, EasyShare LS743, EasyShare LS753
  • EasyShare Z730, EasyShare Z7590, EasyShare Z760


  • AZ-1, AZ-2


  • SV-AV10, SV-AV10-A, SV-AV10-R, SV-AV10-S, SV-AV100, SV-AV10U, SV-AV20, SV-AV30, SV-AV35


  • Optio 450, Optio 330, Optio 330RS, Optio 430, Optio 430RS


  • Ricoh Caplio RR10, Ricoh Caplio 300G, Ricoh Caplio G3
  • Ricoh Caplio G4wide, Ricoh Caplio GX, Ricoh Caplio RR30


  • Digimax U-CA 3, Digimax U-CA 4, Digimax U-CA 401
  • Digimax U-CA 505, Digimax U-CA3, Digimax U-CA5
  • Digimax U-CA501, Digimax V700, Digimax V800


  • PDR-5300, PDR-T20, PDR-T30


  • VX-2, VX-2E, VX-2R


  • Mylo COM-2

Details: Lithium-Ion Battery, 3.7V, 1100mAh, 4.1Wh