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Li-40B Olympus, Fujifilm, Kodak, Nikon Camera Battery
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Li-40B Olympus, Fujifilm, Kodak, Nikon Camera Battery
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Lithium-ion Battery, 3.7V, 660 mAh

Replacement for the following batteries:

  • Olympus Li-40B, Olympus Li-42B, 02491-0053-00, 02491-0066-00, 02491-0066-01
  • Fujifilm NP-45
  • Kodak KLIC-7006
  • Nikon EN-EL10
  • Pentax D-Li63
  • Sealife 02491-0053-00, 02491-0066-01, SL1614

Suitable for use with the following camera models:


  • Olympus μ (Mju or Mu) 1040, μ 1050 SW, μ 1060, μ 1200, μ 5000, μ 700, μ 7000, μ 710, μ 720, μ 720SW, μ 730, μ 740, μ 750, μ 760, μ 770SW, μ 780, μ 790SW, μ 795SW, μ 820, μ 830, μ 840, μ 850SW, μ 550WP
  • Olympus Camedia X-600
  • Olympus D-630 Zoom, FE-150, FE-150 Zoom, FE-160, FE-190, FE-20, FE-220, FE-220D, FE-230, FE-240, FE-250, FE-280, FE-290, FE-300, FE-3000, FE-3010, FE-320, FE-330, FE-340, FE-350, FE-350 Grand Angle, FE-350 Wide, FE-360
  • Olympus FE-4000, FE-4010, FE-5000, FE-5010, FE-5500 IR-300, SP-700, Stylus 1200, Stylus 550WP, Stylus 7000, Stylus 710 Digital, Stylus 720 SW, Stylus 730, Stylus 740, Stylus 750, Stylus 760, Stylus 770SW, Stylus 780, Stylus 790SW, Stylus 820, Stylus 830, Stylus 840, Stylus 850SW
  • Olympus VR-310
  • Olympus Tough TG-310, Tough 3000, 725SW, Tough 770SW, X-785, X-790, X-795, X-800
  • Olympus X-560WP, X-600, X-785, X-790, X-795, X-800, X-905, X-915, X-920, X-935, X-960, X-970


  • FujiFilm FinePix J10,
  • FujiFilm FinePix Z100FD, FinePix Z10fd, FinePix Z200FD


  • NIKON CoolPix S Series S200, CoolPix S Series S210, CoolPix S Series S500, CoolPix S Series S510, CoolPix S Series S520, CoolPix S Series S60, CoolPix S Series S600, CoolPix S Series S700, Coolpix S220, Coolpix S230, Coolpix S570


  • Pentax Optio M30, Optio T30


  • Exelim EX S5, EX Z270, EX Z33BE, EX Z33BK,
  • Exelim EX Z33SR, EX Z1, EX Z280, EX Z33PK, EX Z33VP


  • Traveller SuperSlim X-8, SuperSlim XS-10, SuperSlim XS-70, SuperSlim XS-8,
  • Traveller UW-8, X8, XS1-10, XS-4, XS-40, XS-70, XS-8, XS-80