Fullriver DC245-6
Fullriver DC245-6
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The Fullriver DC245-6 is a top quality 245Ah AGM battery. "Fullriver" are one of the largest and best known brands in Australia. Fully sealed and completely dry, this battery can never spill acid. It will not give off gasses while charging and so it is ideal for use under seats in Caravans / Motorhomes and onboard boats as a house battery. 

It is not recommended for under-bonnet installations, like most AGM and GEL batteries. Full 12 month replacement warranty. With a very low self-discharge rate (only 3% per month) while retaining 80% of initial capacity after around 600 cycles (to 50% Depth of Discharge) Fullriver 6v agm deep cycle battery is an excellent product. Very popular in Australia for the last 10 years and is highly recommended.